Home Improvements Guaranteed to Boost Your California Home's Value

May 2, 2023

Working on one of the home improvements guaranteed to boost your California home’s value

If you want to improve the value of your home, you are in the right place! We’ve put together a guide on the home improvements guaranteed to boost your California home’s value for you to check out.

Bringing smart home tech into your home

Installing smart home tech is the first of the home improvements guaranteed to boost your California home’s value. Smart homes are ever-growing in popularity, and the usefulness of the tech is fantastic while you are still living on the property. The smart home tech can even make your California home more sustainable! Personally, we recommend you start by installing solar panels and go from there since they will make it a breeze to power your smart home cheaply.

Fixing any roofing issues

If there’s one thing people buying a new home don’t want to see, it’s roofing problems. A leaky roof is often annoying and expensive to fix, yes. However, whether you plan to sell or just boost your home’s worth while living in it, the roof needs to be solid. If roofing problems are revealed during a home inspection, you can expect the value of your home to take a huge hit.

Dealing with old appliances

Old appliances are not a bad thing per se. However, buying new ones is one of the best home improvements guaranteed to boost your California home’s value. Especially if you’ve done any recent renovations to your home, they will make the home look even newer and more appealing to buyers.

A new fence for your yard

A new fence is relatively simple and cheap to put up. The bulk of the cost comes from the fence itself, and you can take your time to DIY its setup. However, a new and sturdy sense instills a sense of security and privacy that buyers will appreciate. This lets you make a real impact on the value of your home with minimal investment and a couple of days of work at most.

A proper shed and its usefulness

People love having a shed in their yard due to its convenience. Sure, there are many different types of storage, and there are many storage options that are very cheap. But nothing beats the advantage of being able to store all your tools safely and even some old belongings in a shed! You can use it as the perfect space for some DIY home improvement projects and builds.

New and improved fixtures, light switches, and outlets

Fixtures, light switches, and outlets are subtle home features that nonetheless leave a significant impression. People checking out your home for a potential purchase will definitely notice if these features are old and damaged and the rest of the property is spick and span. It’s a sure sign that renovations were done in a hurry. And, for most, it’s also a sign that those renovations are skin-deep and the home might be hiding severe issues. Replacing fixtures, outlets, and switches is also very cheap and easy. So, it’s a nice improvement that has a noticeable impact on home value.

Siding replacement or exterior cleaning

You have two options here depending on the state your home’s exterior is in. First, you can replace the siding entirely and give your home a new look. Second, if the exterior is just a little grimy, you can pressure wash it! This is a great way to quickly and easily refresh your California home with minimal investment.

Refreshing or replacing your floors

Floors are another of those features that don’t get enough love. If you have wooden floors that have just lost their shine, it’s possible to DIY a solution. It will be hard work, but you can sand and refinish the floor yourself for a complete makeover. Alternatively, if you currently have carpets or other types of flooring, it’s probably best to replace them entirely.

Getting more use out of your attic or basement

The final of the home improvements guaranteed to boost your California home’s value is converting your attic or basement into additional rooms. This is our list's most expensive home improvement, beaten out only by the most serious roof repairs. Still, the results are well worth it, and the value it adds to your home always comes on top of the investment made.

Working on California home improvement

Now that we’ve gone over the home improvements guaranteed to boost your California home’s value, you can pick the ones you like! As always, with such projects, the only thing you need to be careful of is doing too much too quickly. No matter how cheap some of them are, they are still a drain on your budget!

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