How do you WFH?

April 19, 2020

How do you WFH?

Last week the talented Kymberly Simmons Greene spoke about Sheltering in Place… This week I’m talking about WFH. How do you do it? No, honestly, how do you do it with everyone in the house, kids at home and pets wondering what the heck is happening? Are you making it work or quietly planning the demise of all of your housemates?

<insert snarky I’m-going-to-kill-my-husband meme>

Trying to stay sane in the time of Coronavirus has been challenging for many. It seems like overnight we have throngs of baking enthusiasts, internet video stars and personal trainers. Also, am I the only one who does not own a Peloton? And the runners! Oy vey, you can easily spot folks who have decided they are going to dust off the old New Balance just to get out of the house.

How are you handling these times? What will our recovery look like? According to many it will be a long recovery and our lives and the way we congregate are forever changed. In the Real Estate world we are almost completely virtual. Gone are the days of crowded open houses and running around to see 6 or 7 properties at once. Maybe that’s smart? Perhaps we are streamlining our process.

Regardless of the recovery, there is one thing that is universal: We are all in this together.
How are you coping?


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