Importance of Home Staging When Selling in California

October 11, 2022

Importance of Home Staging When Selling in California
The importance of home staging when selling in California can be summed up in a single sentence. The home looks better, and therefore the sale is more successful. Residents of California and those that intend to be ones tend to appreciate the “whole package” more than the “work in progress.” But let’s examine why you should seriously consider staging your selling property.

Home staging affects your home market positioning

The real estate market in California is very competitive, and the nuances in quality make a big difference. When you are staging a home, you are giving it the edge that will make it stand out among other similar properties. According to some research, staging properties gets them to sell much faster than the others, and this approach generates more offers. This usually means the price of these homes does not go down. As for the seller’s expenses, home staging is a good investment as it very often leads to a sale at a great price without spending too much on it.

Home staging when selling in California leads to better listing attributes

Once it hits the market, your property will need a description that will attract potential buyers. Home staging will get your parcel to be described as “move-in ready.” Many buyers are looking to relocate fast without having to do too much work after the purchase so this label will draw them in immediately.
Real-estate agents in California describe well-staged homes as “well-maintained” – another buyer- attracting attribute.

A staged home shows off only its best face

When you are prepping your home to look ready for a perfect family to live in, you highlight its best features and hide the less appealing ones. You can keep your belongings safe by putting them in a rented storage unit while you renovate. When you finish with that, you can put back only those that will contribute to the stylishness of the place. That way, it will present itself in the best light possible, which is all you want the potential buyers to see. They will focus on the beauty of the life they could live there and very likely fail to see at least some of your home’s weaker points.
A woman in a white shirt and black pants, lost in thought, sitting on a sofa.
When potential buyers come to view a staged home, they focus on the beauty of their life there and often don’t even see all of the defects of the property.

The photos of homes after staging them are phenomenal

And last but not least, the photos! It is elementary – empty homes look uninspiring in images, whereas the ones with furniture and everything can look amazing. And frankly, not everyone has the imagination to create a picture in their head of the entire home when seeing a photo of an empty one. The images are essential as the first step to buying a house is usually reviewing photos of available places.
A well-maintained home decorated with taste.
Staged homes look much better in photos than non-staged ones.


When you look at it both from the statistical point of view as well as the logic behind the reasons listed above, home staging when selling in California, makes a huge difference. The investment you need to make doesn’t have to be huge, but the benefits of it are a game-changer. So it’s highly recommendable.

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